You, Too, Can Join the Lions!

We recently implemented the membership function of the new Lion Den website.

Besides the awesome prestige of being on the membership roster of the Lion Den, you will also have an easy way to access the various resources you may want or need in your learning or teach of human anatomy and physiology. For example, the world famous Lion Den Slide Collection is a free perk of membership.

And did I mention that membership in the Lion Den is free? What a great deal, eh?

Honestly, most of the pages in Lion Den can still be accessed without a membership. Only a few downloadable resources require a membership. But I plan on adding more members-only resources in the future. And if you join now, you'll have bragging rights that you were one of the first to join. And among lions, bragging rights are mighty important!

To join, go to the membership signup page at or simply click "Become a member" under "User Guides" in the top navigation menu of any page in the Lion Den.

As always, thanks for your support!

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