Organization of Anatomy & Physiology Content

In the newly updated Lion Den website, you'll quickly notice that I've reorganized how the content of the anatomy and physiology material is "packaged" for the website.

Although the individual pages remain pretty much intact in terms of their content—while at the same time sporting a new sleeker design—the way they are grouped in the navigation tools has changed.

First, there is a clear distinction between the LEARNING content and the TEACHING content.

Next, the content outlines are organized as one whole set, rather than the former A&P 1 and A&P 2 distinctions. They are just Learning Outlines, listed one after the other.

However, nested within the list of outlines is a mini-set of Pre-A&P Review Outlines. These go with my Pre-A&P course, but are useful to any A&P student to review before taking A&P.  Or they can be used to refresh yourself as you begin your A&P course.

I'm still clearing out old references to the A&P 1 / A&P 2 distinction—but eventually, that will all be gone.  Simply look for the topic you need without the 1/2 distraction that may not exactly fit the course you are taking.

The organization of the various Learning Tips and Tools remains pretty close to what it was in the old Lion Den.

Take a few minutes to hover over the various elements of the top navigation bar to see where it's all located. You may even stumble upon some hidden treasure that could help you out!

Bottom photo: Tbuckley89

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