New feature: Pencasts

I've recently added the first in what I hope will be a series of pencasts.  These are quick, handwritten and often narrated overviews of individual anatomy & physiology concepts.

The first pencast is a quick overview of bone cell actions. It quickly runs through the main actions of osteoblasts and osteoclasts.

Hopefully, other pencasts will soon follow.

If you'd like to make your own pencasts, you can do that with a Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen or similar model.  If you have one that you think would help other users of Lion Den, be sure to pass it along! Read More!

New video on using flash cards

I just added a new video that offers some practical tips for using study cards to reduce your study time and get a solid foundation in learning any topic.  This video also includes some surprising advanced techniques that show how to use flash cards to also learn higher-level thinking in any subject. Includes discussion of the Leitner system (plus Patton's adaptation of the Leitner system), color codes and symbols, using cards to learn processes and ordered structures, and using cards to build concept maps (mind maps).

You can find this video, along with other tips on using flash cards at the newly updated page New Terms at Read More!

Lion Den is now a registered trademark

Just in case . . . the Lion Den trademark is now registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Read More!

Updated course information

Syllabi and related course materials for two courses has been updated:
  • BIO 240 Anatomy & Physiology 1
  • BIO 242 A&P 1 Supplement
Course information for BIO 095 is continually and frequently updated Read More!

Started a Moodle section

In anticipation of the upcoming migration of all SCC courses from WebCT to Moodle learning management system, I've begun a section in the A&P Study Tips & Tools area to start building help pages.  Students can use these pages to quickly find help when they run into trouble. Read More!

St. Kevin pages are ready

The St. Kevin pages have now been moved to the main Lion Den site from the old legacy site. . . albeit a bit too late for the big St. Kevin's Day celebration on June 3.  Well, at least I'll be ready for next year's big party, eh?

Read More!

Reproductive Systems outline updated

The A&P 2 Learning Outline for the Reproductive Systems has been formatted and updated and is reasonably ready to be used. Read More!

Urinary outline updated

The A&P 2 Learning Outline for the Urinary System (including fluid/electrolyte balance and acid/base balance) is now updated and formatted and ready for use at Read More!

Muscle names added to Study Tools and Tips

Another Study Tips & Tools page has been added to help A&P students use muscle names as a way to find and learn their muscles.

The new page Muscle Names includes videos that walk the reader through the basic concept of muscle naming.  This page also includes downloadable, printable tables to aid in learning major muscle names and their translations (plus pronunciation of muscle names).

Several linked pages (and the top nav bar on all pages) have been updated to reflect this addition. Read More!

Digestive System outline updated

The A&P 2 Learning Outline for the Digestive System has been formatted, updated, baked, and sliced . . . ready for your enjoyment! Read More!

Lion Tracks breadcrumbs . . . the saga begins

Ok, finally . . . I'm starting to leave a trail of breadcrumbs.  Well, that's what ORDINARY webmasters call this navigation tools that shows where a page is in the heirarchy of organization within a website.  In the Lion Den, however, it's no wonder that this navigation tool is instead called Lion Tracks. 

Found at the top of all pages at, the Lion Tracks tool is not yet complete on all pages.  I've started with the A&P 2 pages . . . from there, I'll finish the remaining A&P pages . . . then eventually the whole site. Read More!

Respiratory outline updated

The A&P 2 Learning Outline for the Respiratory System is now formatted and updated.  Of course . . . as always . . . expect the occasional additional tweaks. Read More!

Lymphatic-Immunity Learning Outline updated

The A&P 2 Learning Outline for the Lymphatic and Immune Systems is now formatted, updated, shined, and polished . . . and ready for your reading enjoyment! Read More!

Navigation menu improved

The top menu bar in all pages has been updated to better navigate to the Review Outlines for the course Foundations in Science (BIO 095).  The label "Learning Outline" was changed to "Review Outline" to better reflect the term used in BIO 095. Read More!

Cardiovascular outline formatted and updated

I just posted the formatted and updated version of the Learning Outline for the Cardiovascular System.  Enjoy! Read More!

Blood outline updated

The A&P 2 Learning Outline for Blood is now fully formatted and updated . . . and ready to roll! Read More!

A&P 2 course info updated

The syllabus, schedule, and related pages related to BIO 241 (A&P 2) have been updated for Spring 2010.
Learning Outlines are still unformatted and updated at (but the formatted previous versions can still be accessed at Read More!