Free Parking

A tab for Free Parking was added to the top menu under A&P 1 Lecture and A&P 2 Lecture.   This item previously appeared only under the WebCT help portion of the top menu under "Missed test deadline." Read More!

Nervous System Part 1 live

Today I uploaded the complete, formatted version of the Nervous System Part 1 outline for A&P 1.

Other updates this weekend:
  • Nervous System Overview formatted and updated
  • WebCT 18 updated today, further clarifying gradebook issues
  • Blog newsfeed added to Hot Tips drop-down box in the right sidebar of all pages
Read More!

The migration continues!

The conversion of hte Lion Den website from Frontpage format to Dreamweaver has been taking WAY longer than planned.  But the migration continues . . .

PLEASE change the URL in the address bar from "lionden.COM" to "lionden.INFO" if you land on a page that has not yet been migrated.  This will take you to the old "legacy" site and the content you are looking for will be there. Read More!


After more than 10 years of, I guess it's time to have a blog, eh?

The intent of this blog is to keep users of the Lion Den website up to date on the status of the website, new postings, changes, the story behind the story, and general silliness. Read More!