The New Lion Den Is Here!

The new version of the Lion Den website just rolled out, and I'm pretty excited about it.

Because I needed to change to a platform that is friendly to more types of devices, particularly small screen devices, I went all out and upgraded to a more sophisticated system. This system allows me to add features that were not possible before—given my limited range of coding skills.

I hired a professional web development team to make the conversion. Along the way, we made quite a few design changes to make the site more user friendly. And easier to navigate.

You will also notice that the content now focuses entirely on learning and teaching human anatomy and physiology. This alone makes the Lion Den easier to navigate.

My friends, given the nature of how these roll-outs go, there are bound to be some hiccups. So please have patience. And more importantly, please contact me with detailed reports of glitches so that I can fix them!

I'll be pointing out special features of the new Lion Den over my next few posts. And I'll be sharing new features and functionalities as I implement them.

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