What's a SECTION grade in Moodle?

In some of my Moodle courses, I have an entry in the gradebook called Section.  Moodle reports a percentage for that grade and it has caused some concern among students when looking at the gradebook.  To explain what's going on, I've added an explanation at lionden.com/moodle-course-grade.htm#section

Here's the story found at the new item in Moodle Help in the Lion Den:

In some "meta" courses where there are more than one course section all rolled into one Moodle course shell, a grade called Section may appear in the grade book. This is usually in the "miscellaneous" grade category. This is NOT a grade.

The Section entry is merely the number assigned to the course section in which you are enrolled for a course. For example, in BIO 240 01, then "1" is your section number. If you are enrolled in BIO 240 80, then "80" is your section number. It's merely there to help me figure out where you belong when I submit grades to the registrar.

Moodle, however, being a silly computer program and not a real person, does not understand this. So Moodle assigns you a percentage for Section, as if it's a real grade. Ignore that percentage. It's meaningless.

Ordinarily, NOTHING in the "miscellaneous" grade category is part of your course grade.

Not all courses have a Section grade.

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