Handbook of Anatomy & Physiology

Last week I added a new page in the Lion Den describing a new tool for your A&P learning toolbox:

First introduced a decade ago, this popular pocket guide has been completely updated with newly revised content and an almost complete redraw of the illlustrations.

Many A&P students have found this guide useful in their first A&P course.  But they've also found that it's a great tool to have in their pockets during later courses, especially clinical experiences, and even in their jobs, as they've needed a quick refresher on essential structures & functions of the human body.

Many clinicians find the Handbook of A&P to be a great tool for patient teaching.  The diagrams and tables often help explain basic anatomy or physiology to a patient trying to understand their health condition or a medical procedure.

The handbook is also useful in other professions such as insurance, art illustration, law enforcement, fashion, fitness,  and business, when knowing about the structure or function of the body (or its parts) is helpful to getting the job done right.

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