Confusing test deadlines and broken SCC links

Because Moodle cannot post both the ORIGINAL deadline for an online test and an EXTENDED deadline for an online test, some students have become confused.

Today, I expanded the explanation for this and further emphasized the need to NOT rely on the deadlines seen in Moodle.

As always, I strongly suggest checking my MOODLE HELP pages when you become confused about anything experienced in Moodle.

Here's the updated entry at

The test asks for a password, what's that about?

The end date of the test has not passed, but I cannot enter the test.

After a test ends, a student may request that their one-time Free Parking pass be used to re-open the test. When any student is allowed to use their Free Parking pass, the test date is extended to the end of classes for that semester and only those students who have been granted their Free Parking will be given a unique password that allows them to re-enter the test.

If you encounter a test that seems to be open (because of its date) but asks for a password, that means that it is open only to those students who have redeemed their Free Parking pass and have received their unique password. That test will remain closed to all other students.

The official online test dates are found in your printed syllabus. They are also available at:
Do NOT rely on the end dates appearing in Moodle quizzes, as they may reflect extensions for those who have redeemed their Free Parking pass.

Broken SCC links for Moodle help 

Because SCC keeps changing the URL of it's own MOODLE HELP pages without informating faculty who use these links, I've removed most of the links to SCC's Moodle help. However, I have updated the main link to SCC Moodle help and you can access the the most current links there.

I have also updated all links to the SCC Help Desk.

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A&P 1 Learning Outlines

I just finished updating the Learning Outlines for Anatomy & Physiology 1 (BIO 240) to better reflect the updated content of our textbook, Anatomy & Physiology, 8e.

Although all course documents are now updated and ready to use for the Fall 2012 semester, please be aware that individual pages are continually updated as needed.  Major updates are announced in this Lion Den blog.  However, it is recommended that students use the "Watch this Page" button to register for alerts to particular pages important in their course(s).

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Fall 2012 syllabi (sort of) ready

Updated syllabi for BIO 240 and BIO 242 are now live.

These are essentially ready to roll for the fall semester--but expect a few tweaks in the next couple of weeks. Read More!

Why test answers are not automatically provided

Today, I added a new item in the FAQs for my A&P courses regarding the value of not automatically providing test answers when an online test is graded. 

Here's my answer:

When online tests are graded, you are provided with information on which items are marked as incorrect. You are then expected to FIND THE ANSWERS on you own. This is an active form of learning and is a vitally important part of the whole concept of online testing and learning.

Your test is a LEARNING EXPERIENCE as much as it is an evaluation of progress. If I provide the correct answers automatically, you will have no reason to go back to your resources and find the answers. You'll thus miss out on a critical learning opportunity! And, most importantly, you'll have no long-term recollection of the correct concept!

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What's a SECTION grade in Moodle?

In some of my Moodle courses, I have an entry in the gradebook called Section.  Moodle reports a percentage for that grade and it has caused some concern among students when looking at the gradebook.  To explain what's going on, I've added an explanation at

Here's the story found at the new item in Moodle Help in the Lion Den:

In some "meta" courses where there are more than one course section all rolled into one Moodle course shell, a grade called Section may appear in the grade book. This is usually in the "miscellaneous" grade category. This is NOT a grade.

The Section entry is merely the number assigned to the course section in which you are enrolled for a course. For example, in BIO 240 01, then "1" is your section number. If you are enrolled in BIO 240 80, then "80" is your section number. It's merely there to help me figure out where you belong when I submit grades to the registrar.

Moodle, however, being a silly computer program and not a real person, does not understand this. So Moodle assigns you a percentage for Section, as if it's a real grade. Ignore that percentage. It's meaningless.

Ordinarily, NOTHING in the "miscellaneous" grade category is part of your course grade.

Not all courses have a Section grade. Read More!

Updated "Partially correct" section of Moodle Help

This week, I found out about a glitch in the way Moodle was reporting the item score for Partially correct items in online tests and practices.  So I've been tweaking the settings on all the tests to avoid any issues. 

I also updated the section on Partially correct at to more clearly explain scoring on such items. Read More!

Slide samples added to Teaching Slides page

I've just added a few random samples of the PowerPoint compatible slides that are available to teachers of A&P at

From that page, teachers can access a form to request access to the complete Lion Den Slide Collection. Read More!

Updated "exam info" for A&P 1, A&P 2

Today I updated the pages summarizing "exam info" for midterm and final exams in BIO 240 and BIO 241.

The primary change is a reminder to bring clickers to class on exam days. Read More!

The circus has arrived

Today, I finally moved all my circus-related pages over from the legacy site to the current Lion Den.

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More Moodle help

Today, I added a new Moodle Help page.  This one focuses on interpreting corrected online tests.  It shows graphics that tell users how to tell which items are correct and which are incorrect.  The page also explains some issues and questions related to interpreting corrected tests.

Find the new page at Read More!

Ready for Spring 2012 semester!

I've made updates to course documents for Anatomy & Physiology 2 (BIO 241) and for A&P 1 Supplement (BIO 242) to make them ready for the Spring 2012 semester. 

Kevin's Schedule

BIO 241 A&P 2
Syllabus (main page)
Lecture Schedule
Online test schedule

BIO 242 A&P 1 Supplement
Syllabus (main page)

I also updated my page on using clickers in my courses, adding a new section explaining my reasons for using clickers.  The rest of the page outlines tips for how to use and maintain the i>clicker remote and how points are calculated for the course grade.

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