Updated "exam info" for A&P 1, A&P 2

Today I updated the pages summarizing "exam info" for midterm and final exams in BIO 240 and BIO 241.

The primary change is a reminder to bring clickers to class on exam days. Read More!

The circus has arrived

Today, I finally moved all my circus-related pages over from the legacy site to the current Lion Den.

To explore these pages, go to lionden.com/circus.htm Read More!

More Moodle help

Today, I added a new Moodle Help page.  This one focuses on interpreting corrected online tests.  It shows graphics that tell users how to tell which items are correct and which are incorrect.  The page also explains some issues and questions related to interpreting corrected tests.

Find the new page at lionden.com/moodle-test-items.htm Read More!

Ready for Spring 2012 semester!

I've made updates to course documents for Anatomy & Physiology 2 (BIO 241) and for A&P 1 Supplement (BIO 242) to make them ready for the Spring 2012 semester. 

Kevin's Schedule

BIO 241 A&P 2
Syllabus (main page)
Lecture Schedule
Online test schedule

BIO 242 A&P 1 Supplement
Syllabus (main page)

I also updated my page on using clickers in my courses, adding a new section explaining my reasons for using clickers.  The rest of the page outlines tips for how to use and maintain the i>clicker remote and how points are calculated for the course grade.

Student Response System Read More!